PriceRunner Purchase Guarantee

Your purchase from us is completely covered by the PriceRunner Purchase Guarantee. It ensures you up to DKK 50,000 if something should go wrong in connection with your purchase. To be covered by the Purchase Guarantee, you simply have to be a registered member on PriceRunner. The purchase guarantee covers natural persons residing in Denmark, and it applies if shops do not assume their responsibility according to the Purchase Act within 60 days of a purchase. Even if you are not already a member of PriceRunner and have entered our website through them, your purchase may still be covered by the Purchase Guarantee. All you need to do is register within an hour of your purchase. Becoming a member costs nothing and takes less than three minutes! Register today for your buyer protection

The PriceRunner Purchase Guarantee protects you in the event of damage to the item upon delivery, defective item, if an item is missing upon delivery, if the item is incorrect or defective or if the item is not delivered. Remember that the order must be addressed to you personally. The purchase guarantee compensates you as a customer for both acquisition and shipping costs and the direct financial damage you have suffered. No compensation is given for loss of value, lost income or other direct or indirect costs. Please visit PriceRunner for the final terms of use and a list of categories excluded from the warranty.


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